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hihi! I'm clover, my pronouns are it/they

Welcome to my cozy little corner of the internet. I write about things, make things, touch computers, and get a little too deep into learning about things.

So like, who are you?

Great question! To be completely honest with you I'm still figuring out the answer to that myself but from what I can tell I am a trans, nonbinary, nonhuman entity with autism and adhd that enjoys learning how things work and why they work the way they do. You can often find me reading some sort of standards guidebook such as the MUTCD or assorted RFCs.

Where can I find things you've made?

You really want to sift through the garbage? Alright then, your loss

Are you anywhere else on this interconnected web?

Feel free to reach out! I promise I don't bite. You were concerned about that, right?

Do you have any examples of things you've made?

I guess I've accumulated some things to show off, huh? Here goes...