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Hi! This site has recently been migrated from GitHub Pages to be self hosted. I'm pretty happy about this but if you notice any issues with it that I seem to have missed please let me know so I can fix it. Thanks!

Hey there, I'm clover, my pronouns are it/they

Welcome to my corner of the internet. I make electronics, code, and 3D printing projects and sometimes talk about them.

Places I share things I've made

GitHub: stringlapse

Thingiverse: stringlapse

Thangs: stringlapse

PeerTube: stringlapse@diode.zone

Right here on my makeshift blog

Where to find me

Matrix: @stringlapse:matrix.org

Fedi (Mastodon): @stringlapse@tech.lgbt

Email: Bug me on fedi and I'll give it to you. I'd love to just stick it here but web scrapers ruin all the fun.

Fax: Yeah. Again, bug me on fedi. This one is more because I just don't need people sending me 40 page faxes all the time.

A small selection of things I've made

Lack Stack - The classic Lack enclosure with a twist

TLC Bot - A Discord.py bot for The Learning Curve, an art improvement Discord server

This thing you're reading right now. I think it was called a ...webbed sight?