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Hey there, I'm Clover, my pronouns are they/them

Welcome to my corner of the internet. I make electronics, code, and 3D printing projects and sometimes make videos about them.

Places I share things I've made

YouTube: stringlapse

Twitch: stringlapse

GitHub: stringlapse

Thingiverse: stringlapse

Thangs: stringlapse

Right here on my makeshift blog

Where to find me

Discord: @stringlapse#4501

Telegram: @stringlapse

Twitter: @stringlapse

Instagram: @stringlapse_ (disappointed IG won't let me have @stringlapse)

TikTok: @stringlapse

I also have profiles on some other lesser known platforms but I don't use them as much

PeerTube: stringlapse@diode.zone

Mastodon: @stringlapse@mastodon.technology

Pixelfed: @stringlapse@pixelfed.social

Matrix: @stringlapse:matrix.org

Some things I've made (obviously not a full list)

Lack Stack - The classic Lack enclosure with a twist.

Lapser - A really bad FFmpeg interface for rendering timelapses from image sequences

TLC Bot - A Discord.py bot for The Learning Curve, an art improvement Discord server I moderate

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